Connecting the world.

Telstra’s new office space is professional and full of positive vibes. This agile and flexible workspace has a sophisticated reception with a beautiful waiting area. It also has a swanky collaborative space and classic yet smart looking board rooms and meeting rooms. The different collaborative zones spread across the office space enable its occupants to brainstorm the next big thing in telecommunications space. The furniture in these spaces creates an inspiring environment, helping employees to be productive together. You can also see the outside greenery brought in through plants which only elevates the design by giving it a fresh look. The highlight of the reception area is the hybrid table that is multi-purpose. Partnering and building a workspace for Telstra has been a great experience and we look forward to collaborating with them again in the future.

Location: Raheja Mindspace, Hyderabad, India

Area covered: 45,000 sft

Duration: 90 days

Completion: August 2021

Scope of project: General Contracting

Market sector: Telecommunications